Articles and Documents 1907-2023

1907 Ogle Platte County Twn 53 Rng 35 Plat Map
1907 Ogle Platte County Twn 53 Rng 35 Section 20 & 21 Plat Map
1907.03.25 Alphonse Dyer Old Timer 1844 Bee Creek The_Atchison_Daily_Globe_Mon__Mar_25__1907_(OCR)
1907.03.30 Weston and Platte Turnpike Snake The_St__Joseph_Observer_Sat__Mar_30__1907_(OCR)
1907.07.12 Pete Lee The_Atchison_Daily_Globe_Fri__Jul_12__1907_(OCR)
1910.11.29 James Chinn The_Atchison_Daily_Globe_Tue__Nov_29__1910_(OCR)
1912.03.31 Hazelwood Dr. GW Bayless The_Leavenworth_Times_Sun__Mar_31__1912_(OCR)
1912.04.29 Platte Roads Meeting St__Joseph_Gazette_Mon__Apr_29__1912_(OCR)
1913.09.30 Bailie Waggener The_Topeka_State_Journal_Tue__Sep_30__1913_(OCR)
1915.01.19 Weston A City that Might Have Been KC Times Tue(ocr)
1915.01.28 Weston History The_Leavenworth_Weekly_Times_Thu__Jan_28__1915_(OCR)
1915.11.04 Bull and Car The_Atchison_Weekly_Globe_Thu__Nov_4__1915_(OCR)
1918.05.03 Baile Waggener Autobiography The_Western_Spirit_Fri__May_3__1918_(OCR)
1927.10.09 KC Journal Post Heyday Article with Photos(OCR)
1928.01 State Hist Society of Missouri Halfway House p. 283-284(OCR)
1928.12.28 Weston to Platte City Farm to City Highway The_Kansas_City_Times_Fri__Dec_28__1928_(OCR)
1928.12.30 Lincoln Love Letters Mary S. Owens Omaha_World_Herald_Sun__Dec_30__1928_(OCR)
1928.12.31 Lincoln Rejected Mary S. Owens The_Tacoma_Daily_Ledger_Mon__Dec_31__1928_(OCR)
1929.01.04 Weston to Platte City Paving St__Joseph_News_Press_Gazette_Fri__Jan_4__1929_(OCR)
1929.11.15 Platte County Landmark Cornhusker Supplement(OCR)
1930.12.07 St Joseph Gazette Mystery Haunts Feudal House Where Slaves Were Auctioned(OCR)
1930.12.07 St Joseph Gazette Mystery Haunts Feudal House Where Slaves Were Auctioned(OCR1)
1931.02.21 Hellman 240 acres sold St__Joseph_News_Press_Gazette_Sat__Feb_21__1931(OCR)

1935.02.15 Eliza Houston Dies The_Call_Fri__Feb_15__1935_

1936.05.13 KC Star Platte County Landmark Passing(OCR)


1941.12.05 Little Dixie The_Kansas_City_Times_Fri__Dec_5__1941(OCR)

1952.10 Howe Bit of Weston, MO History Part I MO Historical Society mhr_23786_full(OCR)
1953.01 Howe Bit of Weston, MO History Part II MO Historical Society mhr_23899(ocr)
1954.09.18 Jones Old Homes Tour St__Joseph_News_Press_Gazette_Sat__Sep_18__1954_(OCR)
1955 Gallup Map Platte County Twn 53 Rng 35 Sec 20 and 21
1958.08.05 Dept. of Agricultural Farm Service Aerial Twn 53 Rng 35W Sec 21 DK-2V-190 aerial 2037

1959.11.01 HHD Visit to Tobacco Country The_Kansas_City_Star_Sun__Nov_1__1959(OCR)

1964.10.18 Weston Tour HH Walnut Beam The_Kansas_City_Star_Sun__Oct_18__1964(OCR)
1965.10.09 Dept. of Agriculture Farm Service Aerial Twn 53 Rng 35W Sec 21 DK-3FF-034 aerial_3215
1968.10.06 Weston Home Tour The_Kansas_City_Star_Sun__Oct_6__1968(OCR)
1972.03.26 Rosa Lee (Hall) Wilkerson Obit The_Kansas_City_Star_Sun__Mar_26__1972(OCR)
1977.03.04 Old Cellar a Vestige of Slavery The_Kansas_City_Star_Fri__Mar_4__1977(ocr)
1991.04.12 Battle of Bee Creek Re-enactment St__Joseph_News_Press_Gazette_Fri__Apr_12__1991(OCR)
1991.04.21 Battle of Bee Creek Re-enactment St__Joseph_News_Press_Gazette_Sun__Apr_21__1991
2001 Memories of Weston (Floersch Excerpts) Vol. II Millenium Edition 1837 to 2000 Miller(OCR)
2001.09.12 Ghosts of Justice The_Kansas_City_Star_Wed__Sep_12__2001
2003 PCHS Jan-Apr The Halfway House Mary B. Aker(OCR)
2006.02.15 Historians Dig Up Slavery Lessons The_Kansas_City_Star_Wed__Feb_15__2006(OCR)
2008.04.09 Weston Chronicle Halfway House Larsen(OCR)
2012 PCHS Jan-April Platte County’s Early Hazelwood School Francis Williams(OCR)
2019 PCHS Sept-Dec The Halfway House in Platte County(OCR)
2021 PCHS May-Aug Wilkerson Cemetery gets a makeover(OCR)
2023.09.04 Google Aerial Photo