The Black Ancestors Awareness Campaign


Dinah (Wright) Robinson, born about 1817, arrived in Weston, Missouri, from Virginia as an enslaved person in the mid-1840s. On February 16, 1859, she purchased her freedom, and that of her husband Thomas, and their children, Moses and Eliza Jane, from Rev. J.B.Wright. Dinah became a tax-paying citizen and active part of Weston’s community until the end of her life, owning the property this courtyard now stands on and additional lots extending beyond the other side of Mill Creek and encompassing the Thomas Street Alley. Dinah’s life’s work centered on fostering community building through faith and education. An Example of Industry is how an 1887 Kansas City Times article headlined her achievements. Dinah Robinson died on February 22, 1895; she and her family are buried in unmarked graves at Laurel Hill Cemetery in Weston.